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Synod Preparatory Chair Lacy de la Garza explains the ongoing Dallas synodal process:



Synod Q&A with Fr. John Bayer, O.Cist

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Individual topics from the “Synod Q&A with Fr. John Bayer, O.Cist” Video:

Meet Fr. John Bayer, O.Cist.
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What is a Synod?
(Video 2 of 10)

Why are we having a Synod?
(Video 3 of 10)

What is the difference between the Diocesan Synod Pope Francis’ Synod of Bishops?
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Why is my participation so important to the Synod process?
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How does diversity within the Church play a role in the Synod?
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Why did Bishop Burns call for a Synod?
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What happens during the preparatory phase of the Synod?
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What is the next phase after the preparatory phase?
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What will happen after the Synod meeting?
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